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Buy 1 Nectar -Botanical Pleasure Potion with Damiana and receive 1 Bedroom Bliss Mist FREE! Use discount code LOVEME at checkout.

Why You Should Drink Damiana Tea: Explore The Spiritual Journey Of The Flower Of Love

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Why You Should Drink Damiana Tea Explore The Spiritual Journey Of The Flower Of Love

Mother Nature plays an essential part in our healing, providing the energy of rebirth and life while forming a spiritual connection with all living beings. Herbs and plants are the essences of the Great Mother as they carry the natural energy of Gaia within their powerful bodies. 

Since the dawn of time, we have been using this sacred energy to heal, eat, and evolve. The pure, living power of nature attracts positivity and offers us a vibrant sense of being. Inviting this positive energy into our lives is essential to improving our wellbeing, longevity, and happiness. Practically every plant has something to ‘give’ us if we are wise and willing enough to discover it.

To this day, our dependence on plants and herbs is undeniable, yet this dependence was particularly important to our ancestors. We know very well that our species would never win the battle of evolution if not for the generous and abundant gifts from Mother Nature. Damiana, for example, is one of those remarkable medicinal plants, rich with cultural uses and tradition. 

A Plant That Vibes With Your Inner Zen

Discovered first by Aztecs and Mayans, Damiana leaf was used as an aphrodisiac, made into potent sexual tonics for both men and women. Even its scientific name, Turnera aphrodisiaca, tells us of its intended use and the power it could wield. But, the seductive and soothing Damiana wasn’t solely consumed to light the sexual fire.

Although often used in sex magic and tantric rituals because of its heart-opening effects, Damiana also has spiritual properties, which can help to awaken psychic and clairvoyant powers. Damiana is nature’s way of opening you to love and pleasure in all forms, especially when used before bed. It can induce lucid dreaming and allow you to experience the endless possibilities of the dream state. Drinking it on a regular basis can also help you calm the nervous system, clean your kidneys, remove energetic blockages from your sexual organs, and balance out your hormones and emotions.

Our spiritual and sexual energy is something that can be intertwined with one another in order to create a sacred experience. The sacred sexuality is based on the act of going beyond the physical and awakening the spiritual dimension within. We all can strengthen the connection between the two energies through practice, intention, and manifestation. A nature’s guide on this path of yours can very well be Damiana.

Teacup Therapy

Considered a sacred medicinal herb in Central and South America, Damiana is extracted and dried to perfection for smoking, drinking in teas and tonics, and even cooking. Because of its calming and mood-lifting capabilities, it has become a staple herb in the homes of Baja Mexico people. Out there, it grows abundantly throughout the desert, easily accessible to anyone willing to pick it up. This abundance (which is why our herbs are always fresh and potent) and its positive influence on the people from this region made us want to make this sacred plant just as easily accessible to other people as it is for the Baja natives.

Damiana tea is a useful tool for almost any type of ritual, especially when an altered state of consciousness is involved, and it helps with divination and meditation. It is also a great addition to ritual incense and quite helpful in sex magic spells. Because of its wonderful potency, it can be added to love spells and love potions to boost sexual desire. However, it is best used between lovers who are looking to improve their sexual relationship or overcome intimacy difficulties, or even just to spice things up!

Sweet, floral, and earthy, damiana leaf is perfect for energetic work. It is simply essential for sexual healing. Damiana mixes well with other plants, like passionflower or mugwort, especially those for the opening and cleansing of the heart and sacral chakra. 

If you are wondering how to explore your soul, raise the spirit, and increase your sexual energy so that you can achieve more happiness, love, and creativity, Damiana can be the answer. Our daily lives provide us with enough challenges – surviving, succeeding, progressing, those are the things expected from us by society and ourselves. But this kind of life often triggers the notorious ‘fight or flight response that can wear us out.

And when we feel exhausted and numbed, we feel less creative, less aroused, and less connected to our true selves. Rising our energy levels on those challenging days can bring us a sense of homeostasis so that whatever we say or do, we do it in accordance with our inner truth. Taking down such blockages allows us to fully feel love and joy.

Natures’ Gift for Holidays

image2 3 Why You Should Drink Damiana Tea: Explore The Spiritual Journey Of The Flower Of Love

On long and cold winter days, pour yourself a cup of hot damiana tea (all puns intended!) can be just the thing to warm you up and help you relax. Even if you are not a fan of hot drinks, don’t worry because Damiana tea can also be served cold. It is best prepared with one to two teaspoons of dried leaves placed in boiling water and left to steep for 5 minutes. 

You can try adding honey, lemon, or apple slices to boost the flavor. Damiana also makes a lovely addition to tea blends with other flavourful herbs, like rosehip or cardamom. Since Damiana’s taste is slightly bitter, the added herbs will help balance the flavor and enhance the properties of Damiana. Every herb that you add to your blend will give you the health benefits of their individual properties as they strengthen the power of Damiana.

Damiana is also caffeine-free and very soothing to the digestive system so that it can be a good replacement for the afternoon cup of coffee. It will give you the necessary boost of energy without that drowsy feel the second cup of coffee gives.

Damiana tea affects the psyche, producing a mild emotional uplift that can last for up to one and a half hours. One cup of this herbal tea before bed will relax you for the night of passionate love-making and bonding with your partner. Both of you will be going to work tomorrow with quite a pep in your step!

For those alone during long winter nights, drinking warm tea and reading a book can be an effective way to relax, unwind, and prepare for a good night’s sleep and pleasant dreams (quite possibly erotic!). The possibilities of this tasty tea are endless for the creative soul willing to learn more about themselves, open their mind and heart, and let their spirit fly.

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