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Buy 1 Nectar -Botanical Pleasure Potion with Damiana and receive 1 Bedroom Bliss Mist FREE! Use discount code LOVEME at checkout.

Why You Should Consider Introducing Aphrodisiacs Into Your Sex Life

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Why You Should Consider Introducing Aphrodisiacs Into Your Sex Life

Since the dawn of time, people have been searching for potent aphrodisiacs to increase their sex drive. It’s not surprising since humans have always been driven by a desire for procreation and sexual pleasure. Some things never change, and to this day, we still look to plants, foods, and other substances to increase our sexual drive and prowess.

What are Aphrodisiacs?

You may have heard the word before, but what exactly does it mean? The word itself comes from Aphrodite, the famous Greek goddess of love and beauty. Aphrodisiacs promote sexual desire, strengthen the libido, and make sex feel more pleasurable and exciting. Numerous products are advertised as aphrodisiacs, from food, plants, and supplements to manmade medications and psychoactive substances. While the effectiveness of aphrodisiacs varies from one to another, few are well-known as genuine libido boosters. 

Though the use of aphrodisiacs dates back millennia, historically, they were mainly seen as a cure for infertility. Lust and fertility were inextricably linked, while pleasure was integral to conception, therefore aphrodisiacs had to be functional and pleasurable. That’s why to this day, we believe some tasty food has aphrodisiacal powers.

When we think of such aphrodisiac food, chocolate, oysters, and strawberries usually come to mind. But these delicious items are probably the least interesting aphrodisiacs you will encounter. So, let’s talk about why you should try other natural aphrodisiacs, and more importantly, why that should be damiana.

Why Should You Spice Things in the Bedroom With Aphrodisiacs?

2 Why You Should Consider Introducing Aphrodisiacs Into Your Sex Life

People use aphrodisiacs for various reasons, from making themselves more appealing to their partners to strengthening their own libido. The most common reasons for including aphrodisiacs in your sex life include:

1. Heightens the levels of sexual attraction

It is quite common for men and women to use aphrodisiacs to be noticeable to their potential sexual partners, either by attracting their attention or raising their levels of sexual attraction and interest. This is where scented aphrodisiacs come into play!

When it comes to aphrodisiacal properties, colognes and perfumes can’t compete with such natural scents as cinnamon, vanilla, or damiana (turnera aphrodisiaca). You might be doubtful about the erotic power of herbs and plants, but if you consider the fact that sexual desire begins in the brain, it makes perfect sense that there are neurological responses to olfactory stimuli.

One of the most fun things about smells is their power to channel desire. Although scents can be subjective, there is science behind what smells trigger arousal in both sexes. And while you can get aroused by a perfume your lover wears, some smells trigger a biochemical response. One such scent is Myst. This sweet hydrosol toner elevates the mood while infusing the skin with that dewy, ‘fresh from the spa’ glow. Created from our fresh, wildcrafted damiana plant, it is ideal for improving mood and increasing sex drive. Spritz it on your face, neck, and decolletage or freshen your sheets or lingerie and enjoy its pleasurable effects!

2. Spicing Up Their Relationship

Long-standing couples commonly reach for aphrodisiacs to add new life to their relationships by increasing mutual attractiveness and promoting a strong sexual drive. To do this, you might need just a cocktail or two. You could say that alcohol, in general, has aphrodisiacal powers due to its loosening of inhibitions and stimulation of desire. But, imagine the effects when you add a couple of drops of damiana to your and your partners’ favorite drink! Some damiana before bed will relax you for lovemaking and can even promote pleasant dreams, quite possibly erotic!

Here’s a great cocktail idea: steep some damiana tea in sake overnight, add some pomegranate or raspberry juice, and spritz a tad of rose water. Or, if you’re not into alcoholic beverages, a scoop of ice cream infused with damiana tincture might do the trick for you. Whatever you choose, it’s going to be a steamy night!

3. Encouraging Healthy Blood Flow

Some natural aphrodisiacs help dilate blood vessels and promote healthy blood flow, which is a big aspect of sexual function and performance in both sexes, especially for men. Damiana has been historically known for its power of increasing circulation and sensitivity to genitals and abdominal areas. It exerts its libido-enhancing effects quickly after consummation or, even better, after a steamy full-body massage session. The great thing is that everyone can give a sexy massage, all it takes is the ability to enjoy it as much as your partner does. There is something beautiful in the intimate touch, loving hands, and desire to make someone happy by massaging their skin. 

4. Aphrodisiacs Make Sex More Intense and Pleasurable

While some people may think that aphrodisiacs are used only to increase sexual attractiveness, in actuality, most of them are used to make sex a more intense and pleasurable experience. We are more than just genitals, our bodies are filled with many nerve endings. Tapping into undiscovered pleasure zones can intensify this intimate experience. One great way to make sex a more pleasurable experience is to practice body mapping. Draw on the areas of your body where you want to be touched. This improves sexual communication and ups the chances of getting the stimulation you want. If your partner discovers an arousing scent of damiana on that spot, then all for the better! Put a drop or two of damiana essential oil on your skin or mix it with your favorite body oil, and get ready for some positive changes in your sex life.

5. Aphrodisiacs Can Treat Sexual Performance Issues

Some aphrodisiacs are successful at treating common male sexual performance problems, such as premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction, as well as female issues such as low libido. Damiana is well-known as a cure for all of these issues, as it increases sexual arousal and stamina in women and men. As a natural aromatase inhibitor, it helps men maintain healthy testosterone levels, while its adaptogenic effects help normalize hormone imbalances, which is beneficial for both sexes. It also reduces vaginal dryness in women, which is, you’ll agree, imperative for their sexual pleasure.

To really make things wet, we suggest some bathroom fun times. Draw a bath or shower with your lover, and scrub them with Vibration, a damiana body scrub to boost desire. Its amazing smell will awaken and stimulate all of your senses while your skin will be moisturized and nourished.

Nature’s Hot Secret

Want more satisfaction? Excitement? Stimulation? Then it’s time to go nature’s way! If your time in bed with your partner (or yourself) isn’t all you’d like it to be, changes must happen. Having an intimate date with your partner to remind yourself why you adore each other and to do something new in the bedroom (or any other room of the house!) is a great way to stimulate your libido and deepen your connection. We’ve given you a couple of suggestions, so put them to good use!

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