Buy 1 Nectar -Botanical Pleasure Potion with Damiana and receive 1 Bedroom Bliss Mist FREE! Use discount code LOVEME at checkout.

Buy 1 Nectar -Botanical Pleasure Potion with Damiana and receive 1 Bedroom Bliss Mist FREE! Use discount code LOVEME at checkout.

Valentine’s Day Talk: Must-Have Products For Playful, Orgasmic Dates

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Valentine's Day Talk Must-Have Products For Playful, Orgasmic Dates

When it comes to partner play, any time is the right time to get into the swing of things, and this approaching Valentine’s Day is another great reason to get your creative juices flowing for some sexy date ideas. Although we all know that February 14 isn’t the only day in the year when our partners should get some love and care from us, it would be silly not to use all that free-flowing loving energy for some good times.

Erotic partner play is important for couples since it increases bonding, communication, conflict resolution, and overall relationship satisfaction. While new couples can have plenty of sexual uncharted territory to discover, long-term couples may feel a bit stuck in their ways. However, shaking up your sex life with your partner can be as easy as using a blindfold, sex toys, or investing in a spark-inducing product like damiana tea or scrub. So, let’s explore what damiana products you can use to maximize mutual pleasure and get both your bodies rocked to their core.

But, first, let’s quickly explain why you should try damiana! Damiana (turnera diffusa) is a plant used by natives of South and North America for centuries as a natural aphrodisiac, mood booster, and heart opener. Damiana is a highly potent herb that promotes vulnerability, connection, depth, and the release of blocks to love and intimacy. It helps people receive pleasure and allows the body to experience desire and satisfaction. Damiana works by increasing circulation and sensitivity to sexual organs while relaxing both mind and body.

So, if this is enough to tickle your imagination, let’s dive deeper into the products that can make anything you do between the sheets feel even better and give your partner the perfect gift for valentine’s day: better orgasms.

Ignite Your Desire

When you honor your sexuality as the most powerful energy you possess, you realize that a sexual act is not just physical activity but an opportunity for cultivating a deep, soulful union. But, before your bodies inevitably intertwine, it is important that you first connect with your own body. 

So, to set the vibe for intense lovemaking, light a damiana candle and take a few moments to relax fully, scan your body, feel its feelings and sensations. Take deep breaths and let its sensual scent heighten your senses and increase sexual arousal. Take this time to bring to light (all puns intended!) your wishes and desires and decide what you want to explore with your partner.

Aside from its aphrodisiac and aromatherapeutic benefits, Awaken double’s down as a massage candle, whose liquified soy wax can be used as a moisture-rich massage oil, or, for those with a more adventurous spirit, for some wax play.

Spark Your Foreplay

The secret to a hot valentine’s night is hidden in a hot cup of damiana tea. It functions as a quick-acting, safe, oral aphrodisiac that helps increase and intensify desire, allowing your body to relax and open to sexual pleasure. Prepare a pot, seep it for five minutes, add some honey, and make a toast to your union. This ritual of drinking together is a great opportunity to share fantasies, and deep desires as damiana releases your inhibitions. And, if you’re not into drinking tea, don’t worry – you can always cool it down and use it as a base for a cocktail of your choosing!

Purify Your Emotional Vibration

Nothing is so sensual or romantic as taking a bath with your lover. To really get all of your senses tingling, take this chance to rub, scrub and spread damiana-infused Vibration all over each other. Once you get settled in your tub positions, take this time to talk about anything and everything you want. Allow the warm water and scents of essential oils to purify and recharge your energy bodies, and encourage your wandering hands to explore each other. For those who have neglected their sex life recently, this could be the ideal time to get it back on track.

Once you’ve had enough of splashing around, hop out of the tub and wrap each other in a soft, fluffy towel. Drying off each other and enjoying the wonderful smell of your smooth, sultry, and reinvigorated skin can easily spark love and passion. At this point, your imagination will be stimulated enough for more fun activities in other rooms of your house.

Explore Each Other Through Sensual Touching

image2 Valentine's Day Talk: Must-Have Products For Playful, Orgasmic Dates

An erotic massage can boost the sexual drive of lovers of all ages and genders, but a great one can turn your world upside down, in a good way, of course! Valentine’s Day can be a perfect opportunity to take a break from routine and try something new, something like our Nectar, the first sacred damiana arousal oil. Designed for your pleasure and passion, it boosts the circulation to your erogenous zones and deepens your sensual, heart-centered connection. As if your lover’s body wasn’t inviting enough, once you douse them in a couple of drops of Nectar, you won’t be able to take your hands or mouths off them!

With seven wildcrafted plant-based oils and essences, including Damiana, Ylang Ylang, Rose Otto, and Vanilla to nourish and love your skin, sensual massages, and mouth-watering kisses will be unavoidable. Smooth it onto your lover’s skin in long strokes (or licks!) and watch their stressed muscles relax into dreamy repose. 

Nectar can be a great aid for women to achieve longer-lasting orgasms and help both sexes establish a connection with their more sensual side. Just a few drops are enough to leave you both feeling jovial, juicy, and moisturized!

Valentine’s Day Love Ritual

Valentine’s Day is an amazing opportunity to remember why you have fallen in love with each other, to reconnect, and reestablish your love life with a sacred union. Performing your version of a meaningful love ritual together will allow you to learn and explore your partner’s desires and have the same reciprocated, which will lead to greater emotional connection in and out of your bedroom. 

A love ritual is not about sex as an act but about bringing sacredness into your lives and honoring something greater than both of you – your love. It is about (re)connecting, sexual pleasure, affirmation, and satisfaction. By focusing on these traits, you can more easily build a new sexual foundation and set an intention to never take each other for granted or forget how important you are to each other. And if you want to use a fun toy or an interesting, desire-boosting product in your Valentine’s Day love ritual, all the better! Because like I said – it’s not about the activity itself but the unifying meaning that you both attach to it.

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