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Buy 1 Nectar -Botanical Pleasure Potion with Damiana and receive 1 Bedroom Bliss Mist FREE! Use discount code LOVEME at checkout.

Use Damiana to Soothe Your Hangover this Summer — and Drink Less Alcohol, Too

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Summer has finally arrived. The flowers are in bloom, the air smells fresh, the evenings are sultry, your friends are out and about, the sun is setting later, and everyone has shed their winter clothes for more scant ensembles. Everything about the season makes you want to enjoy life and have a cocktail with friends. But pretty soon, that first delicious Margarita has turned into three or four, the night turns into a fuzzy blur, and you find yourself feeling not so great in the morning.

The dreaded hangover is an uninvited summer guest, but with a little help, it can be tamed and even turned into a force for good.

How can you use Damiana to prevent the dreaded hangover

Luckily, there are things you can do to alleviate hangovers, but preventing them altogether is also a good choice. Damiana has a similar effect as drinking, and lessens social anxiety, subtly shifting your internal sensation and creating a flirtatious energy. Damiana tea and smoke brings on relaxation, and gives you a blissful boost that will soothe your anxieties and make you ready for socializing. Plus many think Damiana delivers enhanced perception — with features such as a more pronounced three-dimensional effect and color enhancement, so you can see the world’s textures and colors more vividly as you dance the night away.

By utilizing substitution theory — a proven behavioral drink and drug avoidance technique — and choosing Damiana tea or smoke over alcohol or weed, you’ll find that you achieve the same uplifting effects, without the downside of the next-day hangover. 

Many users have reported that consuming Damiana actually reduces alcohol cravings. There’s no reason non-drinkers shouldn’t have delicious party drinks, too. That’s where Damiana mocktails come in. Try this fresh and fruity recipe for a Damiana mojito that will quench your summer thirst:

Damiana Mojito

Ingredients (Serves 2)

2 tsp. Damiana leaf

2 tsp. honey

1 lime, juiced (save 2 slices for garnish)

4 sprigs of fresh mint



First, brew your Damiana tea by steeping 2 tsp. of dried herb in 2 cups of hot water.

Cover and steep for 10 minutes, then strain and let cool.

Pour strained tea, honey, lime juice, and fresh mint in a blender.

Blend on high until mint is puréed. Add a couple handfuls of ice and blend some more.

Pour glasses and serve with a lime slice.

The Damiana hangover tips

Not all of us want to completely avoid drinking alcohol, especially in fun summer social situations, so if you’ve had a few drinks on a night out, the hangover has to be dealt with. Here are four key ways that Damiana will put you on the road to feeling human again:

Kick the hangover out of your system quicker with Damiana

Did you know that drinking Damiana tea or inhaling Damiana smoke will push hangover symptoms out of your body faster? It works because Damiana gets your blood pumping — activating the circulatory system, so your body can purify at a much faster rate than normal. Damiana smoke or tea will actively encourage and assist your body with getting back to a more balanced state, and because this peppy feeling is likely to get you up and moving, you’re more likely to do something that will really cure the root of the hangover — like a kick ass sweaty yoga class or a long walk on the beach. 

Get super rehydrated and purified with Damiana tea

After a big glass of water, a steaming cup of Damiana tea served hot or iced should be your next go-to hydrator. Damiana has amazing hydrating ability because of its

purifying effect on the kidneys, it will begin to correct last night’s wrongs as it gives you a subtle mental lift that will brighten your outlook. You may end up feeling inspired enough to dive into that artistic project you’ve been putting off, or even some creative work. Hey, you’re going to be in bed for half the day anyway, so why not grab your journal or that book you’ve been meaning to read and make some headway?

A big O can help cure hangover symptoms

Beyond getting more creative and feeling better, Damiana has been known for thousands of years for its powerful aphrodisiac effect. It activates your libido and is a perfect ingredient to help you have epic hangover sex.

Many claim that morning hangover sex is some of the best, most animalistic, and most intimate sex they’ve ever had. This is because your guard is down (you’re too hungover to have it up), you’re likely in bed — with a partner if you’re so lucky — and you’re likely to be experiencing a phenomenon known as post-alcohol myopia. This means you have a true one-track mind, so if you’re horny at all, your body and mind will do everything in their power to make sure you get it on. Damiana’s powerful libido enhancing effect can elevate this healing sexual practice into the epic category. So smoke some Damiana together (or have a mini tea ceremony) before diving into your partner — or yourself. 

One of the main reasons sex scientists think that humans desire sex during hangovers is that it’s powerful self medication. The hormone derived from sexual activity — the powerful neurotransmitter dopamine — can actually alieve headaches and nausea, two of the most annoying hangover symptoms. Damiana works in the body alongside dopamine, promoting circulation and a happy, stress free mindset.

Damiana inspires deep relaxing sleep

Finally, after the hydration and the sex and the improved circulation, you might want to partake in a nap — perhaps the most helpful hangover cure of all. Brew some damiana tea or roll a Damiana smoke, and soon you’ll feel the herb affecting your psyche, producing a mild emotional uplift that can last for about two hours — the perfect amount of time to settle into bed and take a nice refreshing nap. You’ll find that Damiana promotes pleasant dreams — and many users say these dreams are often of the erotic variety, which is always fun. After an hour of restful dreaming, you’ll wake up feeling fresher and free of anxiety and guilt.

What causes a hangover anyway?

Whether you’ve made a “never again” drinking promise or not, you might be interested in some of the science behind the hangover.

Given that they’re such a widespread health phenomenon, it’s a little surprising that scientists still don’t fully understand the causes of a hangover. It’s also not clear why, after all traces of alcohol have been fully expelled from your body, you can still experience a load of awful symptoms. If you’ve ever had even a slight hangover, I’m sure you know the feeling.

The simplest and most familiar explanation for hangovers is that drinking alcohol causes dehydration, both because it acts as a diuretic, increasing urine production, and because people who are drinking heavily for multiple hours probably aren’t drinking much water. But studies examining the link between dehydration and hangovers have turned up some surprising data.

Hangovers could be caused by the way alcohol affects your immune system. Studies have found strong correlations between high levels of cytokines—molecules that the immune system uses for signaling—and hangover symptoms. Normally, the body uses cytokines to trigger an inflammatory response to battle infections, but it seems that excessive alcohol consumption can provoke cytokine release too, leading to familiar hangover symptoms like fatigue, headache, and nausea—as well as cognitive effects like memory loss or irritation. 

So now that you know what causes a hangover, what fun it can be to cause one, and some solutions to ease them, try these Damiana tips next time you’re in that next day hangover daze. Not only can you relieve the pain effectively, there are also a couple benefits like great sex and an enhanced ability to access your creativit. Don’t forget: even the feelings that we consider negative, we can grow from. 

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