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Buy 1 Nectar -Botanical Pleasure Potion with Damiana and receive 1 Bedroom Bliss Mist FREE! Use discount code LOVEME at checkout.

Trouble With Libido? Here’s How The Damiana Herb Can Help

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Trouble With Libido Here's How The Damiana Herb Can Help

Sex is a fundamental part of a human experience, and a foundation of every healthy relationship, so why do people lose the drive to connect with their partners on the sexual level? We all know that sex brings pleasure, satisfaction, and connection while taking away the stress and pent-up tension. It sounds almost absurd not to desire to get between the sheets any time you have the chance for it. Nevertheless, low libido happens, and it happens to everyone.

Yes, both sexes experience the issue of low libido, however, women tend to suffer more from it. Although it is usual for couples to have a disparity in their sex drives from time to time, it can still be quite distressing for both parties and even put the relationship at risk if it’s not resolved. So, it’s a good thing then that this problem is treatable!

Low Libido – Why Does It Happen?

Our sex drive is mainly controlled by hormones. For men, the main sex hormone is testosterone, while for women is estrogen and progesterone, though ladies do produce some amount of testosterone as well. Hormonal changes, particularly low testosterone levels, can greatly impact our interest in sex, but it is not the only libido-buster out there. 

You may be tired or not feeling your best either emotionally or physically (or both), so you don’t want to be intimate. Drugs and alcohol can also negatively affect your libido. Medication, stress, anxiety, depression, lack of sleep, body issues, and pregnancy/breastfeeding are all factors that play a part in the decrease of sexual desire. And, if you are in a long-term relationship, however loving, your passion may have dwindled.

Sexual desire and satisfaction are everyone’s birthright. Losing it can undermine a person’s perception of themselves, their relationship with their body, and the physical pleasure that was once so readily available. The absence of sexual passion can relinquish other personal passions as well. Whatever erodes your intimate balance, know that you’re never far away from returning to a life of passion. 

Don’t Fear, Damiana is Here

image2 Trouble With Libido? Here's How The Damiana Herb Can Help

Damiana (Turnera diffusa) is a small flowering shrub with a long history of therapeutic use. It grows in parts of Mexico, Central and South America, and the West Indies. Its botanical name Turnera aphrodisiaca, hints quite openly at its celebrated reputation as a libido-boosting plant. For centuries, Aztecs and the Maya people used it as a traditional medicine to treat numerous ailments, from dizziness and insomnia to impotence and low libido. The women would brew tea from damiana’s leaves to improve their sexual satisfaction, while men would drink damiana tonics to enhance their sexual performance.

Damiana leaf is rich in flavonoids which are largely responsible for its strong effects on sex drive. Damiana stimulates blood flow, increases testosterone production in both men and women, and improves ejaculation problems in men. It promotes mental relaxation and physical well-being, both of which are crucial for fostering healthy sexual activity. It also increases sexual desire and frequency of orgasms, particularly for perimenopausal women. Damiana has other benefits, too: it relieves PMS symptoms, plays a role in weight loss, balances out the hormones, and helps you sleep better.

As an aphrodisiac, damiana leaf gives a mild ‘high’ while stimulating the erogenous nerve cells and boosting blood circulation to the sexual organs. It has a dual role as a powerful muscle relaxant and a strong stimulant, which translates into feelings of openness to love, intimacy, and body exploration. Its effects allow a person to focus on their body and soul, mutual enjoyment and pleasure. But, how can you use it? Well, we have a couple of sexy ideas!

To take a sensory high road, we recommend drawing a damiana bath, all with candles, arousing scents, and some body scrubbing! Just a couple of damiana essential oil drops in the tub will set the stage for seduction and a night of enjoyment. As the candles burn and the pleasant heat of a bubble bath calms down your stressed muscles, you can take the opportunity to scrub each other, which will put your sexual arousal and emotions to action.

Another option is to have a damiana drink or smoke session! After a meal, sit down with your partner and sip on a damiana tea or a cocktail (it really goes nicely with alcohol!), or roll a damiana herbal mix cigarette. As you wind down and talk about your day, you will feel your heart opening, calling you to connect with your partner. Trust us, one thing will definitely lead to another!

You have to go out, so there’s no time for bedroom games? No problem! Spray some damiana-infused hydrosol Myst on your clothes and let the outdoor games begin. The sensual and inviting scent from you will definitely keep your partner on their toes. 

It is important to rely on your creativity and try to let your imagination guide you. Practice visualization to see your partner and yourself getting back on track in your sex life. By creating romantic occasions, you are letting the magic happen and igniting the spark with your loved one.

No More Low Libido

As mentioned, damiana has been a go-to herbal aphrodisiac for men who face problems like erectile dysfunction or performance anxiety, but it has also shown incredible results in waking up the female sexual energy. It also provides and nourishes the energy and endurance needed to rock things up in the bedroom.

In times of stress and uncertainty, damiana invites us to remember the pleasure and how great life can feel. Imagine all the good things you should be doing for your partner and yourself – connecting on a deeper level, improving communication, pampering each other, having mind-blowing orgasms – the things we aspire to do but rarely find the time or energy. Damiana is a great guide on this journey of discovering self-care, love, joy, partnership, and beauty. Ultimately, damiana can break down the walls you’ve built and show you just how easy it is to connect through oneness to the power within you.

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