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Buy 1 Nectar -Botanical Pleasure Potion with Damiana and receive 1 Bedroom Bliss Mist FREE! Use discount code LOVEME at checkout.

The Damiana Herb And Your Immune System: Stay Healthy This Winter

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The Damiana Herb And Your Immune System Stay Healthy This Winter

When winter comes and the temperature drops, we always feel the need to eat and drink something warm, as it’s not always possible to go about wrapped in a blanket. Above all else, we need to warm our bodies from the inside, and what better way to do so than using herbs in our food and drinks? Plants and herbs are an essential part of our lives and can improve our health in numerous ways. One such herbal remedy is Damiana.

A Herb That Warms You Up

Thanks to the adaptogenic nature of the herb, damiana is especially beneficial during the holiday season. The lack of sunlight we get during the fall and winter months tends to deplete our energy levels, leaving us feeling sluggish and unmotivated. Our immune system also gets compromised during the cold season. No matter how much we try to protect ourselves from germs and viruses, cold can always find a way to get to us. And especially nowadays, with the Coronavirus sweeping through the country, it is vital that we find a way to protect our immune system and boost our metabolism.

The fragrant leaves of Damiana warm you up from the inside, improving your circulation, cleaning out the airways, helping you breathe with full lungs. Damiana leaf also affects the psyche, producing a mild emotional uplift, so welcomed during winter days when it seems like there is no sun anywhere. A bit of damiana leaf before bed can relax you and get you ready for love-making. It also promotes pleasant dreams, and is there anything so enjoyable as a good night’s sleep under the warm blankets as the snow falls outside your window?! You can also experience some three-dimensional effects and color appreciation, which can further boost your sleeping creativity.

Immune System Supporting Plant

Since ancient times, damiana was used by natives from Central America and South America in their tonics for treating nerve and muscle weakness, dizziness, exhaustion, and low libido. This anti-inflammatory and antioxidant herb was also used to treat sore throat, coughs, and other respiratory issues. The Mayans would consume it for relaxation as well as for lung cleansing, literally calling it the ‘asthma broom.’ 

Our long-term users talk about this herbal remedy in much the same way comic book fans talk about Captain America’s shield: take an extract of this sacred plant of the Mayans and Aztecs, and you can fight off nearly anything that hurts your health, from anxiety, bad digestion, and insomnia to inflammation, sore throat, and colds.

Spirit Booster

Used for centuries in folk medicine, damiana doesn’t just warm the body and improve your blood circulation, it also warms up your spirit, as it feeds your nerve cells with necessary nourishment. It promotes clear thinking, calms the nervous system, combats overall exhaustion, curbs absentmindedness, and sharpens your mental acuity.

Damiana helps fight off the winter’s gloom, moderating depression and anxiety. It is a herb that calms, soothes, and opens the doors of perception. So, even when it’s dark outside, you won’t be bothered because inside, in your home and heart will be warm and sunny. 

You can also say goodbye to the usual winter flu because damiana effectively treats asthma and bronchitis, and due to its mild laxative effects, it successfully cleanses the gastrointestinal tract. It’s antibacterial, anti-fungal and can increase urination, ridding your body of harmful chemicals and toxins that can build up during winter.

Stay Healthy

image2 1 The Damiana Herb And Your Immune System: Stay Healthy This Winter

Wintertime is a magical period. The outside cold invites us to enjoy time at home, bundled while the lanterns are lit, snow is falling, music is playing, and the holiday cheer is permeating through the house. At moments like these, it is great to lift your mood with a herbal drink or smoke that adds to the ethereal vibe of the season.

Damiana goes wonderfully with the ritual of making new year resolutions, where you craft a list of things in life that can use some positive improvements and things you want to work towards making a reality. Through this act of manifestation, you are writing down decisions that will determine your future. Drinking damiana’s dried leaf as tea or rolling it in a cigarette will make you feel powerful and connected to the source as you set your intentions. With its spicy and earthy rich goodness, damiana can stimulate your dormant creative flow that will spill into your dreams too.

The key to enjoying the benefits of this adaptogenic herb is finding the proper dosage. You can use up to 40 drops of the tincture dissolved in a glass of warm water twice a day or use a dried leaf to make tea. You can also smoke damiana, invoking your spirit to rise. But that’s not all you can do with this amazing plant during holidays!

Because of its zesty, flowery, and aromatic aroma that smells and feels so stimulating, you can use damiana to make your baths even more relaxed and enjoyable than they usually are. Picture this: warm water, candles, a relaxing soundtrack, and a couple of drops of damiana essential oil. Doesn’t it sound like the perfect combination for the ultimate stress relief?!

Add to that image a plate of chocolate-dipped brownies with a sprinkle of damiana tincture, and your ritual purification can begin. And while you steam away in the comfort of your bath, your airways and lungs will get the chance to clear away the build-up of outdoor air pollution and mucus, reducing inflammation and helping you breathe more easily. 

Symbolically, just like the nature around us, we become less active. As the winter sets in and the sun slips into longer evenings, the best thing to do is turn inward and listen to your inner voice. It is time for moments of reflection and deep peace. And yes, we all can get a little creatively stifled, spiritually murky, or just unmotivated during the cold months. But you can always turn this around. With its gentle, stimulating, and uplifting quality, damiana is perfect for those gloomy wintertime blues. As we still have a couple of months to go until spring, it’s so great to have something that will lift your mood, invite passion in your bedroom, and help you stay well while everyone around you is sniffling and coughing.

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