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The Art of Creating Smoking Blends with Damiana

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There are many reasons to blend different herbs into one smoking mixture. The most obvious reason is that it can improve the flavor of the smoking herb. Another reason is that herbal blends are often more potent than using a single ingredient, which you may want if you’re looking for a more substantial effect or faster relief from symptoms. And finally, mixing herbs allows you to use ingredients with complementary benefits – like combining Damiana with lavender and rose for relaxation and stress reduction – while still getting some of the effects related to your desired outcome. 

Damiana is a beautiful herb that has been used for centuries as a smoking mixture for numerous reasons, including its aphrodisiac effects. It helps to provide an energetic and uplifting feeling, making it perfect for those who want to feel more vibrant during the day. The art of creating herbal smoking blends with Damiana is not something you can do overnight – many factors need to be considered before adding this herb to your mix. In this article, we will go over some tips on creating the best herbal smoking blend possible!

How to Get Started

It is essential to understand that Damiana can be pretty strong on its own – this means you need to take extra precautions when creating your blend. You do not want the herb to overpower any of the other smoking herbs in your mix! It is also essential to consider the smoking blend you are creating – some herbal mixtures will be mild, while others may have a more intense taste.

It is best to start with the herb with the most flavor and work your way down from there! You can mix Damiana in any smoking mixture – whether it’s loose-leaf or pre-rolled. We recommend adding a little bit of Damiana first to ensure the smoking blend is not too potent. Once you determine which amount works best, add more if necessary and continue mixing until it has reached your desired taste!

Note that sometimes less is more when creating herbal smoking blends with Damiana – using this herb sparingly will help it blend in with the other smoking herbs while still providing its unique flavors. Damiana is also easily combined with any other herb, so be sure to experiment and find the perfect mix and ratio for your herbal smoking blend.

Great Smoking Blends with Damiana

image1 The Art of Creating Smoking Blends with Damiana

A warming and uplifting herb, Damiana acts as a tonic on the central nervous and hormonal system. Its mildly floral flavor makes it a perfect base herb for a smoking blend. Most herbs (except Damiana) can be rubbed through a mesh sieve, or you can give it a whirl in a spice or coffee grinder until the mix gets to that ideal texture you want to use for rolling a cigarette and smoking.

Once your herbs are ground and have an ideal texture, you can combine them with two parts of either cannabis, mullein, opal basil, or tobacco. With quality ingredients and a bit of creativity, you can make numerous herbal smoking blends. Herb blends can be smoked out of pipes and bongs, rolled into cigarettes, or even put into flower vaporizers.

For that deliciously spicy and floral taste, make sure to follow one of our favorite recipes:

  1. Start with three handfuls of a base herb which is Damiana, and put it in a large bowl;
  2. Add two handfuls of the herb of your choice. This can be mugwort, mullein, hops, or wild lettuce. You can use two if that feels right for you;
  3. Add one handful of a flavor booster herb, such as lavender or rose. You can use them both, just put one-half handful of rose and one-half handful of lavender;
  4. Once all of your herbs are in the bowl; it’s time to use a grinder or a mortar and pestle. Throw your mix into the grinder and grind it down to the preferred texture;
  5. Once the herbs are ground to a more manageable size, ideal for rolling into rolling paper, you can mix it a bit more with your hands and start rolling.

Now that you’ve got your herbal smoking blend all measured, grind, and mixed in, you can start smoking. You can roll the mixture in a rolling paper of your choice or put it in a vaporizer for a healthier smoking experience. Store the rest of your herbal smoking blend into a sealed mason jar to keep its flavor and freshness. Make sure to let us know if you liked this recipe!

Another great recipe goes like this:

  1. Put three handfuls of your base herb (Damiana) into the bowl;
  2. Add two handfuls of a modifier herb such as mugwort, wild dagga, or a blue lotus;
  3. Add lavender for a flavor twist. You want it to be subtle flavor, so add a small handful amount;
  4. Mix it all, and you are ready to roll, literally!

Sometimes less is more, and three ingredients can be enough to get the perfect tasty blend. All you need for a simple yet potent herbal mix is Damiana, Lavender, and Roses. The floral fragrance of roses combines nicely with the rich aromatic flavors of Damiana and Lavender, enhancing your mood, reducing stress, and promoting calmness.

Another fun mixture goes like this:

  1. Add two handfuls of your herb base, Damiana;
  2. Add marshmallow plant (Althaea Officinalis);
  3. For a flavor, add anise, spearmint, or monarda;
  4. Add uva ursi or blackberry leaf;
  5. Mix it all and roll.

Don’t forget that there are different types of Damiana available for purchase, Turnera aphrodisiaca, and Turnera diffusa. Each one will provide a slightly different taste, so be sure to consider this when creating your favorite herbal mixture! 


Smoking tobacco cigarettes is undeniably unhealthy, and today there are more people than ever trying to quit what quickly becomes a lifelong addiction. However, when people think about creating herbal smoking blends, they usually imagine something complicated and time-consuming involving multiple steps and lots of equipment. This couldn’t be farther from the truth.
There is an art to creating smoking herbal blends with Damiana, and Flor de Amor is at the center of this artistic endeavor. We know it takes time and experimentation to find the perfect balance of herbs for your smoking blend, but it’s worth it in the end!

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