Your vulva deserves a skin routine too; this enriching botanical can rejuvenate your sensuality.

Yoni health is a hot topic these days and we are thrilled that vaginas + vulvas are getting the attention they deserve. From Kegels to jade eggs, yoni steaming and teas, the times are shifting and we are having more provocative conversations around how to care for and pamper our feminine flower. VULVA or Sanskrit Yoni, has sparked mainstream interest around the globe, not just under the sheets. 

Betty Dodson, PhD, author and sexologist comes together with Gwyneth Paltrow to bring awareness to this very TOUCHY (no pun intended) zone in the Goop Lab Netflix Series

We are fairly certain that we want our vulvas to be healthy & Juicy so we can enjoy the luscious wonders she has to offer. Physically, we know it's important to maintain a healthy diet and stay away from things that can throw her out of balance like sugar, pharmaceutical drugs, and synthetic fragrances and dyes. While emotionally we are becoming more comfortable embodying our unique attributes and shapes and sizes of the lips down under.

So why do We buy face serums for $200.00, and deny our VULVA any/ all rejuvenation therapy? 

After all- our face skin is one component of our sex appeal and we spend countless dollars on waxing and coiffing our lower chakra's Hairdo- but we don't nourish it with holistic juicy herbal power.

Aphrodite was Aglow. She was the wellness editor and messenger of all things sensual and pleasure beaming. Her teaching- mantra is captured by increasing our sexual wellness, we bring our bodies in tune with their full potential and boost our overall health. 

Sexual wellness is closely linked to other decisions we make in our lives. It's easy to forget the small nuances that help us care for our wellness in this hidden area.

What if we told you that you can heighten these sensations even more with One SuperHerb that we adore -Damiana- an ancient plant that has been revered for years due to it's aphrodisiac and heart-opening properties. It has also been used as a relaxant, digestive stimulant and mood enhancer. We love how it can help awaken and enliven our sexual centers and Yoni power and encourage intimate connection with not only your own self love but within your partnership. 

This VALENTINES DAY -Be your own sexual wellness director - Try making a yoni steam bath with damiana leaves or sip on the tea to induce a warm, loving environment in both body and mind. Or heighten your libido and sensuality by experiencing deeper self love or partner bliss with our Nectar Massage Oil- the perfect intimacy arousal oil for the most delicate areas. Dryness can make love play uneasy and can damage sensitive skin caused by hormonal challenges and dips in estrogen. Research suggests that 40-60% of women experience vaginal dry spells with insufficient lubrication during arousal. 

So treat yourself and your luscious labia to a sensorial delight this Valentines Day and add a little more pleasure to your night.