Why we mist: Floral waters, botanicals and how they beautify the skin

While most people in the wellness community understand the importance of daily skin moisturizing, far fewer understand the benefits of facial mists. 

Let’s be clear: Facial mists are certainly enjoyable, but that’s just a side effect! When you use a good facial mist, especially one that is handmade of wildcrafted ingredients, you are humectifying the skin. A quick spritz of facial mist can brighten the complexion, wake us up and give us an overall refreshed look. 

Mists are a must in any beauty skincare regimen. By keeping the skin moisturized throughout the day, you’re giving a boost to your moisturizer, allowing it to last longer. You’re cleansing any pollutants or toxins that may have settled on your face and neck as you go about your daily business. 

For anyone living in a dry environment or in a large city, the wear and tear those extremes have on the skin are evident. Carrying a mist around to spray the face in the car before entering a building, or in the bathroom between meetings will keep your skin and even your makeup looking fresh. Just two spritzes and the skin is shimmery, soft and glowing. 


Our Damiana Myst is skinfood for aging gracefully. No matter what stage of life you are at, keeping the skin clear of damaging free radicals and keeping it hydrated are the keys of natural beauty for today and all of your tomorrows. Misting throughout the day is akin to providing regular, quality maintenance on your vehicle. 

We want to meet the world each day with fresh eyes and an easy smile, though as the hours drift by, sometimes we need a pick-me up. Spritzing Damiana on the face and neck, and even the hair (if it needs a little lift), not only offers the aromatherapy benefits of our sacred herb, but it’s like drinking a cup of green tea. It’s a pick me up, ideal for use throughout the day. 


Hydrosols, flower essence water, are the major component to our facial mist, and that is important. Many mists on the market consist of alcohol which actually dries the skin. Our Damiana hydrosol is steam distilled using fresh Damiana. That’s actually the only ingredient! 

Steam-distilled water and our sacred herb Damiana, fresh from our farm. Every spritz takes you on a mood-enhancing trip to sunny Baja, with the ocean breeze and humidity dancing in light clouds above the desert’s pastel-hued mountains.

Our mist, aside from beautifying the mind and body, is also a relaxing way to slip into the evening or into an amorous engagement. Spray lightly on pillows before relaxing into bed and/or lingerie to benefit from the warming and elevating properties of Damiana. 

Known colloquially throughout Mexico and Central America as the flower of love, flor de amor, Damiana is widely recognized as a mood and libido enhancer, that permits relaxation and stress-free living, while also promoting affection, heart centeredness, increasing fertility and boosting the immune system. 

With our face as the first part of us that meets the world every day, treat yourself to endless doses of self-love with Damiana Myst and let shine the inner as well as outer beauty you possess.




Damiana Myst, passion elevating hydrosol

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