Why This Ancient Plant Is Your Perfect Ally In Navigating The Stormy Waters Of PMS?

Causes of PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) are varied, complex and medically yet unknown. The symptoms can range from mild to intense, sometimes hijacking our behavior and directing our choices. In the traditional medicine circles, generally speaking, PMS is seen as a hormonal imbalance due to physical, mental or emotional stress.

Damiana is an ancient shrub native to Central and South America, regions of the southern U.S., and the Caribbean, traditionally used by the Mayans, Aztecs and the Guaycura people.

Mostly known and used as an aphrodisiac, Turnera diffusa, or Damiana often called “the Flower of Love”, offers a wide range of benefits. It has long since been known to stimulate the libido (both male and female), bringing ripples of pleasure throughout the body, a blissful, cozy calm and a sense of deep inner connection to our own wild feminine.

Damiana is excellent at bringing relaxation to all parts of the body, therefore enhancing sleep and proper melatonin production, which is an essential component in regulating the hormonal system. It is a warming herb that brings circulation to the periphery of the body, especially to the sexual centers, nourishing the reproductive organs.

Traditionally, it was also used as a digestive aid. Recent studies show that the gut is like the second brain - a healthy digestive system allows for the nervous system to function well, which, in turn, gives way to a balanced production of hormones. Due to this and other factors, another surprising way that Damiana can work her magic, is by easing depression and other mood disorders.

Flor de Amor’s tincture is called AFFECTION, the blend has been designed by master herbalist Ben Zappein of Five Flavor Herbs, in Oakland, California. This synergistic blend has a harmonic herbal attitude with cacao, and cardamom & other antioxidants for a healing vibrational tincture that supports one emotionally, and physically with Damiana leading herb.

5 out of 5 stars
AFFECTION, Damiana tincture
María Antonieta Cota, 23 years old

"By adding this tincture to my daily routine my PMS has become more manageable, my hormones are more balanced and I can lead a normal life, while I am experiencing a moon cycle, with our disrupting the harmony of my life and those I hold dear. I would totally recommend this to any women suffering from this malady."