With Valentine's Day right around the corner, we couldn't be more excited to bring you our new favorite heart-centered brand, Flor de Amor.  Here is a bit about their amazing mission and their key ingredients, straight from Flor de Amor themselves!

Flor de Amor offers natural products that stimulate health, tend to the heart, and bring wholeness to our senses. Their practitioner -formulated line blends herbal wisdom for connected intimacy, fortified health, and sensorial delight. Flor de Amor is a therapeutic line of botanical blends featuring Damiana designed for your heart's well being and radiance.

what flor de amor is all about

Flor de Amor believes that healing is a natural, spiritual journey, invoking nature. They specifically farm and steward the adored aphrodisiac, damiana. Honoring ancient knowledge & tradition, they bring Damiana forward for open-hearted intimacy.

Their mission is that she be celebrated in assisting you to tune into your self-healing, illuminating your heart & sensuality.

what is damiana?

Damiana, or (Turnera aphrodisiaca), is a sub-tropical shrub found in the Sonoran Desert that produces small, serrated leaves with yellow, aromatic flowers. It blossoms in late summer, generally after rainfall for a limited time. The shrub is said to have a strong spice-like aroma, due to the essential oils present in the plant.

Damiana leaves are revered as an aphrodisiac, and can boost sexual potency/ fertility —and is well known in western herbalism for its toning and adjuvant properties, particularly in mature women.


Traditionally, Damiana has been used in Mexican folkloric medicine as a heart opener, mood lifter, nerve calmer, and anxiety support. We are in awe of its harmonic ability to assist with symptoms that have a sexual component. A multi-dimensional botanical that serves to improve digestion, treat mild asthma and stimulate an ethereal dream life.

Rooted in the indigenous realm, it is believed that the Guaycura in the Baja region of Mexico were the first to use damiana. According to legend, the herb became wore widely distributed when the Guaycura began trading with the Aztecs. Damiana was also highly valued in ancient times by the Mayans, who used the plant in a similar manner to the Aztecs and the Guaycura.


There are a few big reasons why Damiana is considered an aphrodisiac – and a superior one, at that. While offering a mild narcotic high and a general sense of wellbeing, it also directly stimulates erogenous nerve cells and increases blood circulation to the genitals in all genders, so all partners or solo participants will feel an elevating effect.

In plain speak, this plant has the ability to relax and arouse anyone, while creating tingling and joyful physical arousal and firmness in sexual organs. These states reinforce and buttress each other, creating an upward-oriented path of excitement.

“What is special about Damiana is that it is relaxing while simultaneously being invigorating – the perfect recipe for intimacy,” notes Arielle Hayat, a savvy NYC herbalist. “It helps bring bodily awareness to our sex organs, both male and female, increasing blood flow to the pelvic region. That is in part due to the fact that there are alkaloids similar to testosterone in the plant, and those alkaloids impact our nervous system and our sexual functions.”

our favorite products:


Infused with Damiana (Turnera aprodisiaca) essential oil, this pure low calorie, dairy-free, sugar-free, treat is designed for intimacy. Muah is a rich, sensual and healthy chocolate, artfully hand made with organic ethically sourced ingredients that capture the taste of Mexican, stoneground, artisan-style chocolate. A sexy date night confection or kindred desert. A heart-centered gift for your Beloved.


Their 100% Pure Damiana Essential oil – an exotic and amorous essential oil, is well suited for arousing passion and intimacy. The Mayans used Damiana (Turnera aphrodisiaca) traditionally as a mood enhancer, quelling anxiety & headaches, hormonal health, and wellbeing.


Guaycura Indian shamans used Damiana in a ceremony as a dream enhancer, to inspire a meditative state. We encourage you to try for a blissful nights sleep. Their aromatic Damiana oil is made from the ethically harvested wildcrafted plant material from their own ranch in Baja, and stewarded with respect from source to still.