Using Damiana to Enhance Fertility

Are you wanting to start a family? Perhaps you would like to know how you can increase your chances of conception the natural way? I believe once conception efforts are passionless, it is time to consider adding botanicals to your lovemaking routine.


There are many factors which can affect conception, such as hormone imbalance, stress, and anxiety being the top ones, and can leave you anything but wanting to have sex. 

In ancient Mayan times, Damiana was used as an aphrodisiac and there are reports of Mexican Indians drinking damiana leaf tea to spark lovemaking, and improve both male and female sexual function. 

This herb from Central America invigorates the circulation and is beneficial for stimulating the reproductive organs. It also helps to balance hormone levels and improve egg performance and quality. Damiana is also known to improve libido in both males and females, which is key when trying to have children.


The wonderful botanical helps balance hormones by its action on the pituitary and adrenal glands, two of the most important glands for hormonal balance. The toning action on the adrenals help the body with stress levels, energy levels, and stamina.

Many herbalists know damiana first and foremost as a nervine tonic or nervous trophorestorative, which means it is a nutritive herb that restores the nervous system correcting its weakness and deficiency over time. By nourishing the nervous system, calming the nerves, and supporting an increase in blood flow throughout the body, including the reproductive organs, many people experience an increased desire for sexual intimacy.

Traditional Suggested Use of Damiana

It is believed that Damiana must be used consistently for several weeks before an effect is noticed.


Let the power of this magical botanical help you on your journey to starting a family.