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Baja Based Botanist & Organic Farmer Launches Holistic Lifestyle Brand — Flor de Amor — Damiana Infused Products for a Rejuvenated and Heart-Centric Life

An Ancient Plant for Modern Healing

Baja California Sur, Mexico: Flor de Amor is the visionary wellness brand based on the steam distillate of the plant damiana (Turnera aphrodisiaca). Flor de Amor’s damiana is sustainably harvested, curated and wildcrafted from the brand’s own organic farm. Their synergistic products o er a rare and unique trifecta of benefits — physically therapeutic, emotionally calming and intimacy-inducing. Founded by Ross Vail and Noel Cianci, Flor de Amor is presenting the first-to-market experience.

Co-founder Ross Vail, a native plant curator, and farmer, started the first certified organic farm in Baja 34 years ago with intimate knowledge of the land, its produce and wildcrafting. Vail became deeply interested in the rare and unique benefits of damiana while farming and seeing the powers first hand.

Vail’s partner & Co-founder Noel Cianci witnessed the benefits of Damiana as a kundalini yoga practitioner specializing in the wellness arts. Damiana has been used in Mexican folkloric medicine for centuries as an aphrodisiac, a fertility treatment, a mild (non-psychoactive) euphoric and a heart opener.

“I’d observe people native to this land drinking damiana tea and found their smiles inspiring and their passionate hearts expounding on the folkloric remedies of their favorite local plant — Flower of Love”, stated Vail.

What truly makes damiana’s intrinsic properties unique is that it puts one in a calming euphoric state, giving the overly active mind a rest, while allowing for clarity and a sense of harmony and well-being. It is not psychoactive like THC or has the pain-relieving or anti-inflammatory qualities of CBD. Damiana, unlike CBD, is an adaptogen, a class of non-toxic plants that help the body resist stressors of all kinds.

Intrigued by the power of damiana, a wildcrafting adventure began and the line Flor de Amor was born. Formulated by an herbalist-practitioner with 20 years of clinical experience, the Flor de Amor collection consists of 5 core products that can be used together or singularly:

Nectar: A Sensual massage oil composed of a unique botanical blend of holistic essential oils to support the user on their own unique intimate journey. Damiana’s qualities are heralded for supporting hormonal health and menopausal transitions and is beautifully supportive as an intimate moisturizer. This aromatic oïl enhances libido while nourishing and soothing intimate tissues.

Damiana Myst: A sweet and tropical hydrosol created from the steam distillation of our farm’s fresh wildcrafted damiana. Naturally gentle, this rejuvenating botanical myst is a moisturizing and hydrating addition to your holistic skin care routine.

Ethically Wildcrafted Damiana Essential Oil: Damiana in its purest form. The Mayans used damiana traditionally as a mood enhancer, to quell anxiety and headaches as well as for hormonal health and wellbeing. Guaycura Indian shamans used damiana in ceremony as a dream enhancer and to inspire a meditative state. This oil is a perfect companion for the sleep deprived and those su ering from insomnia.

Damiana Tincture Softening Heart & Lighting The Flame: A unique synergistic blend of damiana, cacao, cardamon, and hawthorn. This erotic tonic inspires connection and soothes the mind for a restful night’s sleep while enhancing dream states. The tincture is also a wonderful companion to the Damiana Essential Oil, helping to relieve stress-related anxiety and bringing the user back to the present moment.

MUAH! Chocolate: A pure, low calorie, dairy free, honey-sweetened delight made with organic ingredients that capture the herbaceous taste of Mexican stoneground artisanal style chocolate.

This curated adaptogenic line was created to support a modern awakened lifestyle with replenishing botanicals that o er alchemy of radiance. Flor de Amor was designed to assist the user in a personal healing journey and bring more clarity, love, and joy to those who partake in damiana’s magic. All the products are created to work synergistically – for the emotions, creating sacred space, awakening romantic energy, and hormonal balance.


Flor de Amor is a modern botanical brand of a affections, confections, and resurrections dedicated to living a more heart-centered and passionate life based on wildcrafted, steam distilled damiana. Flor de Amor offers natural products that stimulate health, tend to the heart, and bring wholeness to our senses.