Damiana is a natural super-herb that boosts libido and passion.  It is also a great aid for anxiety and stress.  Elevate your pleasure and arousal with Damiana!


Flor de Amor offers natural products that stimulate health, tend to the heart, and bring wholeness to our senses. Their practitioner -formulated line blends herbal wisdom for connected intimacy, fortified health, and sensorial delight. READ MORE



Ethically harvested Damiana, from farm to still to bottle.  Damiana is a natural libido enhancer and stress reliever.


There has been considerable press around young people leaving farm country for opportunities in big cities. This is the story of the opposite: a man who grew up surrounded by kids wanting to be astronauts, but who dreamed of working the soil and growing plants. This is Ross Vail, lifelong farmer. READ MORE


 Damiana infused products!  Damiana is an all natural libido and passion enhancer.  This sensual herb elevates your pleasure and arousal.

PRESS RELEASE - Flor de Amor

Flor de Amor is the visionary wellness brand based on the steam distillate of the plant damiana (Turnera aphrodisiaca). Flor de Amor’s damiana is sustainably harvested, curated and wildcrafted from the brand’s own organic farm. READ MORE