MUAH! Damiana Edibles

 MUAH is mood uplifting & stress supporting damiana edibles infused with Damiana (Turnera aprodisiaca) essential oil, this pure low calorie, dairy-free, sugar-free, treat is designed for intimacy. Muah is a rich, sensual and healthy chocolate. Artfully hand made with organic ethically sourced ingredients that capture the taste of Mexican, stoneground, artisan-style chocolate. A sexy date night confection or kindred dessert. A heart-centered gift for your Beloved.

 A Most Unusual Chocolate

We named our Damiana chocolate MUAH! being that Muah is a kiss sent through the air from one person to another with an unmistakably intention of loving affection. Heart to heart. The unique combination of organic cacao, Organic Damiana with just a touch of organic unlike most chocolate does not get you hyped up. In fact, the opposite is quite true as the true healing qualities of cacao and damiana are expressed there is no sugar rush.

“I love how elevated they made me feel”



 “Never did antioxidants taste so good. Real organic ingredients with artesanal finesse. A dairy free cacao treat with a super-herb and a ton of antioxidants”

Alla Mahoana | Nutritionist


 “I love that they are made from mayan stone-ground, whole-food chocolate, sweetened with honey and packed with antioxidants”

Renee Loux | Green expert, author of Whole Green Catalog