How to Create a Herbal Ritual for Intimacy

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As a founder, and herbal-devoted naturalist who lives off grid, I like to push the social norm and talk openly about sensuality and sexuality.

Having a conscious conversation about sex has been coined Sex Positive, an odd claim for being a romantic. I can’t help but pose the following question: 

Is it possible to have healthy sexual relationships without using toys made in China?


As a farmer, more often than not I’m gritty, soiled, returning to the homestead without that bedroom glow. And just like most of us, the environment plays a great role in feeling sensual. I love setting the mood with light, flowers, scents, and sounds. I’m constantly thinking of ways to improve the chemistry of the room, of my mind and of my body. 

The herbal ritual I really recommend you take to the bedroom starts with our Damiana Essential Oil. This pure essential oil has a spicy scent, and helps to calm down anxiety, and to bring you into your true and authentic self. 

Here’s my herbal ritual for intimacy: 

  1. Open your Golden Temple Oil bottle and press your nose against it, inhaling its aroma. This step begins to soften the mind, and helps you tune in to your heart essence. The ego stops chattering, and my nervous system exhales. A few inhales set the mood for loving intimacy and heart healing. 

  2. The next step in enhancing the bedroom energy is taking a dropper of the Damiana Tincture, a poetic & yummy prelude to intimacy. Apply it to yourself, or have your partner apply it to you, and you reciprocate. My partner talks about this tincture “softening the heart and lighting the flame”. 

A few minutes into this routine, and I notice myself more aware of my body, joyful, playful, and notice warmth within my lower chakras. This is definitely a sensualizing and heated experience.  

May damiana inspire and serve you in enhancing the energy in your bedroom. Spreading awareness to the importance of having healthy conversations around these topics. 

I invite you to try some of these products and rituals in the enhancement of your bedroom story, and share your experiences in the comments below.