How Damiana Can Help Facilitate Emotional Healing

Damiana can help facilitate when as observers of other people’s experiences we come to understand cause and effect. I have lived in the land of the Damiana plant for close to 40 years where it is as common as a pine tree in a Northern forest. Truthfully, when tea was served in the afternoon or evening amongst the locals it was often Damiana tea sweetened with local honey. While the honey, anise, chamomile, and peppermint flavor are easy to get accustomed to, it was the attitude adjustment, lucid sleep, and other nighttime intimacies that were treasured in this agriculturally based community.

Life was not easy by modern standards and the consequences of harvesting your beans, corn, onions, or sweet potatoes meant the difference between going hungry or not. These decisions were the primary stressors for the local people. However, they had no idea that this golden green elixir, which was part of their daily ritual, contained monoamine aromatase inhibitors. These inhibitors function by increasing serotonin and dopamine levels and part of their molecular make-up, including polyphenol apigenin, to help balance hormone levels, and mood swings. Fast forward to today where the stressors have different faces but our attachments to ideas, past traumas, and desires continue to cause emotional suffering. It is extremely important that we address this and begin the process towards healing and improving our overall wellbeing.

Damiana's properties allow us to make unique formulations with other synergistic herbs to help you see the world in a more compassionate way and help you adapt to today’s stressors. It is this compassion for ourselves and others that clears the way for emotional healing. Damiana is a subtle, soothing ally. You may find your exhale become a little longer, a smile sneaking through or a touch becomes more tender. The motto, ‘Be here now’ is Damiana’s middle name! It may help you find more presence in many different settings, from conversation to meditation to even lovemaking. At Flor de Amor we have a variety of Damiana products, including an ethically wildcrafted essential oil, to help guide you on your path of emotional healing. It is our great joy to share this plant with the world, honoring its gift to humanity with passion from our hearts to yours.


With deep respect for you,