Damiana - Passion enhancing elevating dried leaf

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Relaxing Sleep Hypnosis with Damiana

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Damiana infused products provide uplifting relief from anxiety and stress.  Damiana is a natural libido and passion enhancer and is a great aid for menopause and dryness.  Elevate your pleasure and arousal with Damiana!

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Damiana is great for PMS, menopause, and dryness.  This sensual super-herb naturally enhances libido and passion while quelling anxiety and stress.  Elevate your pleasure and arousal with Damiana!

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Lets Talk About Sex. Damiana is Pleasure enhancing and Libido enhancing.  Elevating your passion, be sex positive!

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Why Damiana? Damiana can enhance arousal and libido.  It is also good to reduce anxiety, and gives you an uplifting and elevating feeling.

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Healing Ritual with Damiana. Damiana is sex positive and is a great aid for menopause and dryness.

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Damiana botanicals are sensual and passion elevating!

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Uplifting Damiana infused botanicals for women!

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Flower Of Love - Damiana.  Elevating, sensual, and passion enhancing!

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Intimacy Ritual with Damiana. Great for low libido and menopause!

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Hydrosol infused with Damiana! 
 Elevating and uplifting.


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