A lucid sleep hypnosis with plant ally Damiana

Trouble falling asleep?

This Hypnosis video will help support your sleep.

Hi there Amores, our highest interest at Flor de Amor is your health. We believe real transformation begins at the level of the body, and in the subconscious mind. Flor de Amor has prepared healing hypnosis for your euphoric sleep, recorded live in the tranquil beauty of Baja California Sur, Mexico. Listen to this daily (or nightly!) for a week along with taking our 100% Pure Damiana Essential Oil or Damiana Tincture as indicated to ensure a euphoric, healing sleep.

Damiana is a sacred herb revered throughout Mexico and Central America for its healing properties since ancient times. It boosts the immune system, enhances libido, elevates mood, relaxes, increases fertility, arouses and leads into a euphoric sleep, ripe for dream states. The Mayans had sleep temples in which Damiana would be consumed with the goal of resting into lucid dreams. These lucid dreams are powerful for our subconscious transformation and also to give way into a deeper sleep.

When we use Damiana for sleep, we wake up feeling refreshed, and able to fully experience its other benefits during our waking hours.