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Buy 1 Nectar -Botanical Pleasure Potion with Damiana and receive 1 Bedroom Bliss Mist FREE! Use discount code LOVEME at checkout.

Living Life With Intention: Use The Damiana As A Herbal Ritual Tool

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Living Life With Intention Use The Damiana As A Herbal Ritual Tool

What does it mean to live with intention? It’s so easy to let life just happen to us, but I doubt any of us want to just drift through life. Many of us have been there – living as if on autopilot until we suddenly find ourselves in a place we never wanted to end up in. Can we stop this?

I’m positive we can. While life is full of uncertainties, we still have control over our choices, which allows us to create our own path and stay on it – if we want to. The secret to living a full and meaningful life is living with intention. To live with intention is to find your purpose and set goals while laying bricks of your own path in life. It is about letting go of things that don’t serve you anymore and making conscious decisions on who and what to include in your life.

How to Live with Intention and How can Damiana Help Us Achieve This?

To live with intention is to live a well-balanced life full of meaning and purpose. It is a life of well-directed activities that are worthy of your engagement and focused on your betterment. Living with intention can be incredibly beneficial to us as it increases our self-awareness, happiness, and meaning in our lives. So, how can we live with intention? Let’s explore.

1. Pick Activities That Matter To You

Determine what matters to you and be true to it. Live your life by your own beliefs, values, and priorities. Once you figure out what are the most important activities, people, and experiences in your life, you will choose activities that truly matter and are vital for your betterment. The result will be evident – you will stop spending time on activities that don’t serve a positive purpose in your life. This will inevitably increase your overall happiness and purpose in life.

If you’re wondering where to begin, ask yourself these questions: “What is most important to me?”, “What makes my life worth living?” and “What do I want out of life?”. Damiana (Turnera diffusa) is a great herb for such introspection, as it allows you to go inside and find the answers within. With its strong forward and upward lifting action, damiana is great for vision quests and connecting to the energy of your heart.

2. Work Toward Self-Betterment

When you set yourself on the path of self-improvement and personal growth, you start feeling more fulfilled and have more meaning in your life. This is something we should all work for, however, it is a lifelong process that requires motivation, willpower, constant work, and attention.

To do this, you must stay well and keep your energy replenished. Every day we lose our energy flow due to stress and overwork, but damiana can help us mend this. It allows you to ground yourself in your intentions, relax your body and mind, and strengthen your immune system. Damiana is one of the best adaptogenic herbs for fatigue, anxiety, depression, and prevention of burnout. Due to its stimulating effects, it energizes you and makes you more active and productive in all your endeavors.

3. Enjoy the Moment

Being present is like meditation in motion. It is the spiritual practice of being mindful in every moment of your life. Focusing your attention on the present moment helps you increase self-awareness, decrease stress and worry, and build stronger relationships with other people. Being present doesn’t just change the quality of your being. It also transforms the quality of what you do, leading to greater creativity and increased productivity at work and home.

Damiana can help you practice mindfulness as it allows you to be aware of your body, emotional state, mindset, and thoughts. It produces a sense of calm, which can help you ease into your meditation, especially if you’ve been stressed. It is a spiritual herb used for heart-opening and producing positive feelings, and with regular use, it can help you become more present and aware, which leads to a more intentional and meaningful life. 

4. Maintain Balance

Working towards balance and overall wellness is essential to living an intentional life. For a healthy person, it is important to align all seven energy chakras. When these energy centers get out of balance, we experience tensions, stress, and mental and emotional imbalance. So, as we deal with chakras spiritually through meditation, we should also boost this effort with herbs that can help align our body’s energy.

With its earthy aroma, damiana helps us feel more connected to the earth, grounding us physically and mentally to the present moment. In this way, we activate the root chakra and boost our immune system. Damiana is also well-known for its aphrodisiac powers, which can awaken and balance our sacral chakra, a center of our creativity, passion, and manifestation. Due to its relaxing properties, Damiana also balances out the solar plexus chakra, reducing strain on the body and removing anxious feelings. 

The blocking of the heart chakra leads to emotionally shutting off and experiencing chronic loneliness and even poor blood circulation. Damiana has been used as a heart-opener for centuries, so if you’ve been feeling heavy-hearted, this amazing herb is here to help. It lifts your spirits, enables you to express love, and even improves your circulation. It will also unlock your emotions, helping you unblock your throat chakra and speak your mind. 

Damiana has also been used throughout history to cure insomnia, encouraging a sense of calm and clarity. It can help you raise the vibrational energy of the third eye chakra, deepening your intuition and inner wisdom. Damiana also soothes headaches, calms the nervous system, and enhances psychological clarity, which is helpful for the crown chakra.

Live Your Life Intentionally

Live Your Life Intentionally 1 Living Life With Intention: Use The Damiana As A Herbal Ritual Tool

Life is hectic, but we all have a choice to be intentional in our days. No matter your spiritual beliefs, I think you can agree that we are all here to have a purpose in life and not just aimlessly wander through it. So many of us are stuck in survival mode, and that’s just not doing us any good.

Ask yourself – what happened to your desire to thrive? Have you become too content to just survive? Well, I don’t want that for you or me. Cultivate awareness and mindfulness and put intention in everything you do. And if you need support, know that mother nature got you. So, make a cup of damiana herbal tea, close your eyes as you open to the herb’s energy, and notice what shifts inside you.

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