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How Our Ancestors Used Damiana For Healing, Sensuality, And Self-Love

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How Our Ancestors Used Damiana For Healing, Sensuality, And Self-Love

Stories and legends have told us of various herbs, spices, and foods that seemed to act as sexual stimulants. Collectively known as aphrodisiacs, named after the Greek goddess of love Aphrodite, many of these natural stimulants also have strong physical and psychedelic effects used by our ancestors for healing, prophecy, and even talking with gods. Passion flower, Queen Anne’s Lace, and Yarrow flower are only a few examples.

However, one of the most sacred plants of this kind, used by ancient Mayans, Aztecs, and Guyacura people for centuries, is – Damiana.

The History of Damiana

Since the dawn of time, herbs have been used for their mystic powers in a variety of ways: to enhance psychic abilities, for divination, lucid dreaming, better luck and prosperity, the banishment of negativity, and more. Almost all herbs had their magical uses that at the time could not be explained by science.

In that vein, our ancestors knew that the sex drive in both men and women could be enhanced with herbal medicine. For native people in Central and South America, Damiana has been kindling their sexual desire for as long as they can remember. Also known as Turnera aphrodisiaca, Damiana is considered to this day as one of the safest of aphrodisiacs in the world!

It is believed that the Guaycura tribe in the Baja region of Mexico were the first to use Damiana. According to legend, this herb became more widely distributed when the Guaycura began trading with the Aztecs. They used it as a heart opener, mood lifter, nerve calmer, and libido booster for both men and women. 

The Guayacure people would traditionally make a ceremonial cordial out of Damiana leaves, giving it as a present to the future bride and groom as a fertility elixir and for good fortune. One story tells that the Guayacura chief eventually banned the consumption of the plant because of its incredible aphrodisiac powers!

Ancient Mayans would describe the effects of Damiana as ‘giddiness’ and as a ‘pleasure enhancer,’ popularizing it as an aphrodisiac. The Mexican Indians are said to have made a blend from Damiana leaves with added sugar with a reputed power to improve sexual performance and lovemaking. The stories of different rituals and love spells are numerous, but the ending is always the same – Damiana is a potent, sacred, and cleansing herb, powerful enough to heal, transmute unbalanced energy in the body, and promote happiness.

Damiana as an Aphrodisiac

2 1 How Our Ancestors Used Damiana For Healing, Sensuality, And Self-Love

There are several reasons why Damiana is considered a superior aphrodisiac. While giving a mild ‘high’ and an overall sense of well-being, Damiana also stimulates erogenous nerve cells and boosts blood circulation to the genitals, both in men and women. Therefore, all participants, whether they are in pairs or solo riders, can feel its elevating effects.

Damiana is a powerful muscle relaxant and simultaneously a strong stimulant. In other words, it can relax and arouse while creating tingling and joyful arousal in the body and firmness in the genital organs. Such states reinforce and strengthen each other, forming an upward-oriented road to excitement. These relaxing and stimulating effects that work in unison are the perfect recipe for sexual potency because partners can be relaxed enough to feel anything and everything but also be stimulated enough to reinvigorate their love life.

Nevertheless, the flower essence of Damiana has always been a particularly potent sexual stimulant for women, helping them have stronger and more profound orgasms. Through sacred and erotic experiences with Damiana, women have been transforming the quality of their sexual and spiritual lives with enhanced feminine energy. Possessing qualities that rouse desire due to its warming and spicy effects, Damiana would heighten the state of arousal by calming and energizing their nervous system and balancing their hormones. It is no wonder that to this day, Damiana is used by women not just to awaken their sexuality but also as an aid for PMS symptoms.

A Natural Path to Healing, Sensuality, and Self-Love

The Mayan Indians and the natives of Mexico believed that the healing of any ailment, including problems with emotional and sexual function, is a spiritual journey invoked only by nature. And nature awarded them with Damiana, a herb that helps us to be more present in our bodies and less overly present in our brains.

Damiana gently opens the heart, clears the mind, stimulates the imagination, and nourishes the body’s energy. Its effects allow you to focus fully not just on your body but your whole being – how it feels when you are open, vibrant, and alive. Our minds and bodies often get depleted, exhausted, and in need of purification and replenishment, including rest, a healthy diet, rehydration, and invigorated exercise to regain self-love.

The healing journey starts with making time for yourself and being kind to yourself. So, where do you begin? Self-pleasure is always a good first step, with the mission of discovering what brings you pleasure. Play with yourself, explore fantasy, and try stimulating herbs like Damiana. If you neglect to prioritize the time for yourself, you will stop your body from recalibrating itself.

But when your body is relaxed, you can activate your sexuality. This process can progress almost instantly with Damiana because you will ask your body to do something based on nature. The logic is simple, your body must return to its organic state to reach natural arousal. Damiana can help you relax, awaken your body, boost energy and blood flow, bringing in more oxygen.

The relationship we have with ourselves is the most important thing we’ll ever have. Putting our needs first is never a selfish act but a necessity – one we often forget to honor. Without the foundation of self love, we cannot love and care for others. While our self-care rituals can take many forms, turning to plants to give ourselves something extra special is always welcomed.

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