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Buy 1 Nectar -Botanical Pleasure Potion with Damiana and receive 1 Bedroom Bliss Mist FREE! Use discount code LOVEME at checkout.

Damiana Turnera Aphrodisiaca, The Ancient Flower Herbalists Want You To Use

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Damiana Turnera Aphrodisiaca, The Ancient Flower Herbalists Want You To Use

Passion, connection, magic, love, visions, releasing blocks – these are all words with which the Damiana plant can be described. This potent herb has been used by people for thousands of years for numerous reasons, curing everything from a bad mood to impotence. But its botanical name, Turnera aphrodisiaca, serves as proof of its most celebrated function, as an aphrodisiac! 

Even more so, it is a plant that gives us an awareness of being in our bodies and reminds us of the joy and pleasure of being embodied. A damiana tonic, with its spicy taste and stimulating powers, is suitable for anyone who wants to improve their sexual performance. Working on several levels, it relaxes the nervous system, reduces pain and tension, elevates the mood, and increases sensory capacity.

Damiana, Herb of Embodiment

This small, subtropical shrub grows to heights of six feet, bearing pale green, aromatic leaves, and bright yellow flowers resembling sun rays. Even the origins of its name tell us about its powers: in Greek, the words daman or Damia mean ‘to tame, to subdue.’ Damiana, being the feminine version of this word, explains its powers even further – she is the one ‘who tames.’

Used for millennia by different cultures and peoples all over the world as an aromatic, a booster of energies, a health tonic, and a medicine, damiana has been especially cherished by the natives of Central America and South America. Beloved by the Mayans and the Aztecs, they would use damiana leaf as a herbal aphrodisiac to treat impotence, increase sexual desire in women and men, and stimulate their nervous system. In Central American mythical folklore, damiana is used for its spiritual, feminine powers as a way to unblock and balance out the energies in the body and mind.

Where Has Your Libido Gone?

The most common culprits for the lack of sexual desire, energy, and even impotence are stress, anxiety, depression, feelings of guilt or shame, poor body image, and not having enough time for intimacy. Lack of foreplay and compassionate communication can also cause emotional and sexual disinterest. The forces that activate sexual arousal are obviously both mental and physical. Because the body keeps the score, if you want to change, you need to become aware of the sensations and the way your body interacts with the world around you. Physical self-awareness is the first step in releasing all of the negative aspects that affect your life. 

Damiana is a perfect embodiment herb that can help you free yourself from expectations, bringing you mindfully back to the present moment, deepening emotional and intimate connections, and helping you achieve increased pleasure. A herbal remedy with a nickname such as ‘shirt remover’ should be just the thing to help you and your partner ignite a passionate spark once again. 

You deserve to still have the energy, strength, and desire to want to connect on an intimate level with your loved one, no matter how long you have been disconnected from each other. Even if you currently don’t have a partner, the same thing applies. Thankfully, herbalists have realized the potential of this amazing herbal medicine long ago and showed us how to use it to our benefit. 

Why Herbalists Recommend Damiana?

2 Damiana Turnera Aphrodisiaca, The Ancient Flower Herbalists Want You To Use

Damiana leaf is a nature’s power switch as it activates Theta brainwave states, putting you into a dreamy, spacey state of mind and opening the doors of relaxation and love. As a consciousness-shifting herb, it is perfect for use as a sacred smoke in rituals, meditations, and magical invocations for healing, balancing energy, and creating sacred space. Damiana is also used in sex magic and tantric rituals and can be incorporated in spells, charms, and potions for love, lust, and sensual connection.

Damiana is a wonderful plant for meditation as she helps you calm and focus your mind, silencing the inner noise. She is especially helpful in balancing the heart, solar plexus, sacral, and third eye chakras. A great guide for the dream world, she can lead you through the doors of astral travel and enhance lucid dreaming.

In divination or dream work, damiana can break down the mental barriers that otherwise block intuition or subconscious knowledge. Make sure to use damiana tincture in spells if you want to increase the clarity of visions and open chakras. It is generally recommended to store the herb in a container with a quartz crystal, which will amplify its energy, promoting healing on all levels and raising your vibration, helping you become the best possible version of yourself.

Its warming properties stimulate the circulation to the body’s periphery and especially to the sensual organ centers. It effectively penetrates these body areas, creating a pathway to connect with both the physical and spiritual body for a pleasurable, satisfying enhancement. It is highly efficient at balancing the hormones and the emotions, giving a natural feeling of well-being to those who feel down, grumpy, angry, or upset.

Inhaling the steam from damiana tincture steeped in boiling water can ease headaches, and it can even help with weight loss, which comes particularly handy during holidays! Now, we don’t recommend you eat the whole plate of cookies, nevertheless, damiana will be there to ease your tummy after unavoidable holiday overeating.

Because it effectively clears your lungs and airways, keeps your stomach and kidneys working, and boosts your metabolism, one cup of damiana tea a day will surely keep the cold away! Its antimicrobial properties can also improve the efficacy of antibiotics, which can be very useful in cases of antibiotic resistance. Ladies can especially benefit from damiana since this plant can treat menstrual problems like PMS, menstrual headaches, cramping, bloating, and even balance the hormone levels!

For all of these benefits and much more, it’s no wonder that every respectable herbalist gladly recommends damiana. Do you want to relax more? No problem, make a cup of damiana tea. Are you looking to strengthen your libido? Great, roll a cigarette with damiana or put it in your favorite herbal blend. Are you tired, feeling anxious, and moody? Discover a nourishing damiana tonic. Whatever your reason is for using it, you will be glad that you did. In her infinite wisdom, Mother Nature has crowned this sacred plant with plenty of healing power, too potent for anyone to ignore.

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