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Damiana: Take Advantage Of This Ancient Herb In Your Daily Routine

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Damiana Take Advantage Of This Ancient Herb In Your Daily Routine

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of healing herbs in this world that can work wonders for our health, whether we want to maintain our well-being, reduce pain, recover from illness, or achieve a goal. Nevertheless, when we think of ‘medicinal herbs,’ we tend to picture pills, capsules, and supplements, but traditionally our herbal allies and plant medicines were a living and breathing part of our daily lives, not a pill we could keep in our pockets.

We’ve been using herbs and plants not just to cure an ailment but also preventatively in our daily routines. A proper daily routine can provide a structure and logical sequence in your life, and when supported with a balanced diet and plenty of healthy herbs, it can allow you to experience a flow to your day, improve productivity, and achieve overall wellness. 

There are plenty of fun ways to use medicinal plants and herbs that are both effective for preventive and acute health issues, as well as for self-care, daily relaxation, first aid, and culinary feats. Damiana Tea (turnera diffusa) is one such herb that can boost your metabolism, keep you healthy, in a good mood, and thriving. 

Why You Should Try Damiana

This beautiful plant has proven time and time again that it has a lot to offer, both healthwise and in the bedroom (more on that later). It grows as a wild shrub throughout Mexico, Central America, parts of South America, and the Caribbean. For centuries, indigenous people of this region have used it in their traditional medicine as a diuretic, stimulant, aphrodisiac, and laxative. In fact, damiana leaf has even been used in ancient times by Aztecs, Mayans, and Guaycura people. 

The Guaycura Indians of Baja California (a place well-known for the finest type of damiana leaf, Turnera aphrodisiaca) cherished and used it intensively. Damiana played an important part in their religious ceremonies as a sexual stimulant and in their daily life as a herbal remedy to cure numerous ailments, including impotence.

This potent and aromatic herbal remedy is also used to treat diabetes, insomnia, and venereal diseases. It can also reduce anxiety and mild depression, boost circulation and blood flow throughout the body, and relieve muscle tension.

However, it’s most famous for its legendary abilities to boost libido and awaken sexual desire. For men, it increases their testosterone levels, alleviates premature ejaculation, and relieves impotence. For women, it balances their hormone levels, relieves PMS and menstrual symptoms, eases frigidity, and may even increase their chances of conception. 

As a heart opener, it lifts the mental spirits of both sexes as it feeds the nerve cells with necessary nourishment. Damiana can also promote clear thinking, curb absentmindedness, and sharpen intelligence, which can be particularly useful when combined with a solid daily routine!

Ways to Incorporate Damiana Into Your Daily Routine

image2 1 Damiana: Take Advantage Of This Ancient Herb In Your Daily Routine

Damiana can make a great addition to your daily routine, as it not only supports your physical wellness but can be used to support emotional self-care as well. Here is a couple of suggestions on how to use this herbal medicine in your daily routine:

Evening Tea Ritual

A proper daily routine actually starts the night before, with a great night’s sleep. Sleep is crucial for our survival, our bodies crave it so we can function optimally. Nighttime should be our time to wind down and relax. The best part of a warm cup of damiana tea is that it practically forces you to take 15 minutes to sit down, relax, and sip on this medicinal beverage. Damiana is not only a ‘sleepy time’ herb since it helps your body to physiologically relax, but the ritual of drinking damiana tea in the evening reinforces your body’s circadian rhythm to decompress and prepare for a good night’s sleep. Drinking damiana tea is also a great ritual before lovemaking, as it helps open the heart and body, removing the stress of the day and allowing you to settle into the present moment.

You really don’t need much of it to get started. A couple of grams of damiana will be enough to help you test out the flavor and see how it affects you. Steep the herb on its own first (just for five minutes), so you know the strength of its earthy flavor and how its taste could contribute to your herbal blend (if you have one). 

Damiana Aromatherapy

Nothing brings you into the present moment and fills your senses more than a whiff of a damiana essential oil. Try carrying a small bottle of this precious oil to help clear your head and calm down on busy and stressful days. Damiana is potently aromatic and can quickly relax your mind while keeping you focused and alert.

Damiana Soak

This is such a luxurious and sensual way to enjoy damiana. When you soak in this herbal bath, your skin becomes highly absorbable, and you can enjoy the benefits of this medicinal plant transdermally while you relax and unwind. And if you want to be invigorated, you can try using cool to cold water to go with your herbal soak or do some body scrubbing. Damiana soak can also be beneficial to your skin, especially if it’s itchy, dry, and irritated. This bath can also be ideal if you struggle with sore and tight muscles.

Damiana Salve

Damiana salve is an excellent way to carry the therapeutic effects of this medicinal herb through damiana oil infusion. It can be used topically for skin healing or moisturization.

Damiana Bitter

As mentioned, damiana can greatly help if you have problems with digestion or an upset stomach, so if you’ve been having issues of this kind, a quick spritz of damiana tincture can make all the difference. It’s easy to take – just a couple of drops on in your tea, coffee, or glass of water about 15 min before a meal will do the trick.

Damiana in the Kitchen

Damiana can carry a powerful medicinal punch when used in the proper dosing. To experience its anti-inflammatory and digestive properties, it’s enough to add a couple of drops to your soup or stew.

Starting small by incorporating damiana into your daily routine can lead to gradual changes in your life. A good routine does not happen instantly but rather through persistent daily practice. By committing to it, you’re setting yourself up for prosperity and success.

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