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Buy 1 Nectar -Botanical Pleasure Potion with Damiana and receive 1 Bedroom Bliss Mist FREE! Use discount code LOVEME at checkout.

Damiana Herb: A Natural Way To Beat The Winter Blues And Find Joy

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Damiana Herb A Natural Way To Beat The Winter Blues And Find Joy

Cold mornings, dark evenings, and freezing gray days in between are classic companions of wintertime. With such weather that forces you to stay indoors and with COVID-19 restrictive measures that affect our social lives, it’s understandable that so many of us experience the winter blues. We tend to feel more down than usual, sad, listless or less energized. 

If you experience such changes in your mood and energy levels as the temperature drops, don’t stress because it’s quite normal. Although there’s no clinical diagnosis for the winter blues, this condition is fairly common, and it affects a lot of people. So, if your mood mirrors the dark weather outside, it’s time to do something (healthy!) about it without having to turn to prescription medication. Let’s explore four basic natural ways to deal with your feelings of sadness and anxiety, as well as lethargy and insomnia.

1. Soak Up The Sunshine

Don’t let the lack of daylight get the better of you! Try to get outside whenever you can to help you feel better. With shorter days and longer nights in the winter, catching on some much-needed sunlight is so important. This might mean taking a couple of minutes of your lunch break to walk outside or drinking your morning coffee (or tea) in your backyard, which is good for your physical and mental health (a win-win, definitely). Make sure to open your blinds to let the natural sunlight in whenever you’re inside.

2. Load Up on Vitamin D

Decreased sunlight during the winter months can disturb your body’s circadian rhythms, which consequently reduces vitamin D and serotonin levels. This inevitably causes a negative impact on your mood and energy levels. To combat this, you need to take food high in vitamin D, such as fatty fish and fish oil, milk, orange juice, yogurt, breakfast cereal, and other vitamin D fortified foods. It’s also good to take vitamin D supplements, which are the easiest way to avoid vitamin D deficiency.

3. Stick to Your Sleep Routine

Although it can be tempting to stay in bed on dark and cold mornings, it is best to stick with your regular sleep schedule – which means you need to wake up at the same time on weekdays and weekends! It’s important you get at least seven hours of sleep every night for your overall health, so make sure to establish a routine wake-up time and follow it with a soothing bedtime ritual.

4. Get Moving

Getting at least 20 minutes of physical activity four times a week can reduce depressive mood, and luckily, there are numerous ways for you to get exercise. You can walk or run outside, get a gym membership, ride a bike to work or have some regular steamy action in bed with your partner if that’s what it takes to keep you warm and active.

How Can Damiana Help Beat the Winter Blues?

Damiana Herb A Natural Way To Beat The Winter Blues And Find Joy 2 Damiana Herb: A Natural Way To Beat The Winter Blues And Find Joy

Sure, doing all the things mentioned above can make your winter blues a little easier to handle, but sometimes it takes more than a walk or a warm blanket to cure your seasonal depression (especially when they’re amplified by stressors like a sick family member or a fight with your partner). That’s where Damiana comes in.

While your worries won’t totally vanish after a cup of delicious damiana tea or a tincture, damiana can be a seriously powerful mood lifter – and it can be especially handy during those dark and cold weeks of winter. Here are the most effective ways to reap damiana’s benefits:

1. Warm Yourself Up With a Mug of Damiana Tea

Damiana tea has a seductive, earthy flavor you simply don’t wanna miss. An exotic herb with a rich flavor, damiana has been used for generations as a mood-lifter and immune booster, powerful enough to fight off depression, anxiety, insomnia, and muscle pain, among other things.

This herbal tea gives a wonderful sense of something delicious, a special treat, and a ritual to look forward to. Dive into a mugful of damiana tea and be prepared for some relaxation and a lot of awakened positive energy. Additionally, damiana can act as your own cupid in a mug, as this herb is widely known for its aphrodisiac effect on both men and women.

2. Aromatherapy

Our senses can provide comfort and uplift our spirit. Damiana oil improves your mood and reduces feelings of anxiety and depression. The beauty of this oil is that it works fast, as soon as you start smelling it, it travels straight to the amygdala, the part of your brain that processes emotions, which is why your mood can lift. You can put a drop on your heart two times a day or add it to a diffuser before bed and allow its blissful aroma to soothe you to sleep.

3. Tincture

When used frequently, damiana tincture can really boost your mood. While damiana tea is soothing and effective, it takes some time to steep. On the other hand, damiana’s tincture is ready for immediate use whenever you need it. Affection is a natural nervous system strengthener that supports your libido, better digestion, sleep, and stress support. It easily melts any tension in your body, soothing your mind for a restful night’s sleep and enhancing dream states.

4. Skincare

When you feel lethargic, self-care rituals come in handy. When your emotions start overwhelming you, the best thing you can do is to shut them out – literally, out of your bathroom. Run a hot bath, light a damiana candle, and settle in for a good soak. During the bath, make sure to scrub thoroughly with a body scrub that promotes circulation and invigorates your mind and body. You’ve guessed it – damiana can help here too. Vibration can provide you with a luxurious spa experience that soothes you as the hot water and damiana soak away stress and sore muscles.

Enjoy Your Me-Time Despite the Weather

Although nature tries to signal us to slow down, wintertime tends to be the busiest and most stressful time of year. We don’t get so many opportunities for the rest our bodies crave. Combine that with sudden and total darkness at 5 PM, and you’ll have a recipe for winter blues that can make a huge impact on how we move through our daily lives.

However, Damiana is here to support you. If it resonates with you, give it a try and see if it makes a difference in how you feel and how well you adjust and acclimate to the colder weather. Allow this beautiful sun-like flower to invigorate your senses and lift your spirits until you welcome warmer days again.

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