The Art of Creating Smoking Blends with Damiana

There are many reasons to blend different herbs into one smoking mixture. The most obvious reason is that it can improve the flavor of the smoking herb. Another reason is that herbal blends are often more potent than using a single ingredient, which you may want if you’re looking for a more substantial effect or […]

How to Smoke Damiana?

How to Smoke Damiana

The Damiana plant has been used for centuries in herbal medicine and is commonly smoked as a natural alternative to tobacco. Its scientific name, Damiana (Turnera diffusa), grows wild in the southern United States and northern Mexico. Some people smoke Damiana as a tobacco alternative because it can be helpful when quitting smoking or reducing […]

Reclaim the Smoking Ritual with the Damiana Leaf


For years, smoking has been a part of the daily ritual for many people. Smokers are used to this routine, starting the day with a cigarette or ending it with one. Unfortunately, smoking tobacco can be detrimental to your health and lead to severe issues like lung cancer. However, an alternative provides similar benefits without […]

Body and Mind Effects of Smoking Damiana

Body and Mind Effects of Smoking Damiana

The majority of our planet is covered in water; however, where the water stops, plants of all shapes and sizes coat Earth like a blanket, each remarkable in its way. Most of Earth’s plants have something to ‘give’ us if we are wise enough to uncover it. Even today, human dependence on plants is undeniable, […]

Smoking Damiana for Easing Stress and Anxiety

The smoking of plants is an ancestral tradition for almost all lineages. What our ancestors were smoking and why is, however, differs from place to place.  In Mexico and other parts of the Americas, smoking Damiana has been honored for centuries for its relaxing and arousing properties, earning it the nickname “flor de amor” or […]

Benefits of Damiana for youthful skin

Wild-crafted skin food DAMIANA with pure plant power! BEAM YOU RADIANCE ! A plant-based adaptogenic hydrosol may be just what your skin is missing to stay young, and elastic. To maintain glowing skin as we age, we often hear about rigorous routines that feel anything but natural to us. These routines end up not working […]

damiana and emotional healing

There are times in life when as observers of other people’s experiences we come to understand cause and effect. I have lived in the land of the Damiana plant for close to 40 years where it is as common as a pine tree in a Northern forest. Truthfully, when tea was served in the afternoon […]

Damiana smoke: A sacred, elevating herb for our times

Enjoying and ingesting sacred herbs through smoking is an ancestral tradition throughout the world. As our societies become more health conscious, a strong push against the act of smoking has separated the very essence of the practice from its purpose: to connect with spirit, the inner wealth of knowledge and the divine, or any combination […]

Why we mist: Floral waters, botanicals and how they beautify the skin

While most people in the wellness community understand the importance of daily skin moisturizing, far fewer understand the benefits of facial mists.  Let’s be clear: Facial mists are certainly enjoyable, but that’s just a side effect! When you use a good facial mist, especially one that is handmade of wildcrafted ingredients, you are humectifying the […]