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Buy 1 Nectar -Botanical Pleasure Potion with Damiana and receive 1 Bedroom Bliss Mist FREE! Use discount code LOVEME at checkout.

Calming Your Spirit: The Relaxing Power of Damiana Tea & Smoke

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Taking care of the mind is a crucial part of maintaining inner peace – something we should all be on board with. One of the best ways to embrace mindfulness is by calming our spirits, allowing ourselves space to breathe and the chance to reflect on the lives we lead.

Damiana leaf holds the power to do just that: calm the spirit and relax the soul.

With strong roots in Ancestral traditions worldwide, this potent herb is recognized for its sanctity, allowing those who enjoy it to connect with their inner spirituality. While used ritualistically for centuries, even contemporary studies suggest it holds the power to soothe anxiety, boost the mood and enhance the libido — all important contributions towards stress-free living.

Inhale. Soothe. Relax.

 Damiana leaf smoke is one of the best ways to utilize this sacred herb. When used in moderation, smoking Damiana can produce deeply calming results, in part delivered by the ritualistic act itself.

 Through a buttery-smooth inhale, users can expect to feel an almost instantaneous sensation of relaxation. It’s an all-round mind-booster, working to reconnect the mind with the inner self, and balance the elements of the body.

 As well as being perfectly effective alone, Damiana can also be paired alongside other natural herbs such as cannabis, mullein, mint or tobacco for an enhanced effect. Moderation will always be key, but the ritualistic act of rolling and smoking Damiana on occasion can have huge benefits for those open to its gentle and stress-relieving qualities.

Mindfulness Meditation & Therapy in a teacup.

 If smoking Damiana isn’t the right route for you, why not try drinking it instead? Originating as a beautiful, yellow-flowered aromatic shrub, Damiana is extracted and dried to perfection for use in homes across the world. In Mexican folklore, it’s revered as a heart-opening, mood-lifting and nerve-calming remedy, used in tea for generations.

In fact, in Baja Mexico it is the Medecine cabinet staple herb for all the grandmothers.

 After the ritualistic process of brewing and steepingDamiana tea can be served hot or cold. On humid or stressful days that drain mental energy, pouring over ice and drinking outdoors can be an effective way to refresh and reset with nature’s helping hand. Try adding apple slices, with maple syrup for a more tropical taste. During long nights when the spirit feels distant and sleep is harder to come by, serve hot with honey and lemon or an orange peel for a grounding sense of calm.

The possibilities of Damiana leaf are endless. Embrace the ritual, open your mind, and let your spirit be well and truly calmed by this beloved herb.

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