These plant-based edibles will satisfy and nourish you while unwinding and boosting your mood

These plant-based edibles will satisfy and nourish you while unwinding and boosting your mood

Love comes from within; another reason to be mindful of what we consume. Filling our vessel with nutrients that inspire love and heart-centeredness is part of a mindful lifestyle. When we add the herbal miracle of Damiana to our inner wellspring of love, she helps us radiate compassion and adoration, for self and others, into our intimate relationships and communities.

In this vein, our Damiana edibles are a spirited, delicious and warming gift of nutrition to our vessel.  Expertly crafted and handmade, these inspiring edibles contain Damiana and other essential gifts from this earth that help us balance our moods, alleviate depression, spark the libido and allow the body to relax into deep inner knowing. 

Beloved throughout Mexico and Central America as the flower of love, flor de amor, Damiana is widely recognized as a mood and libido enhancing herb that permits relaxation and stress-free living, while also promoting affection, heart centeredness, increasing fertility and boosting the immune system. 

Here, in a blissful treat, we combine sacred Damiana with one of Mexico’s most precious gifts to the world: Cacao. Here in the land of ancient gods and goddesses, sacred mountains and temples, organic chocolate has long been revered for its own mystical qualities and undisputed health benefits; now even recognized by Western medicine.

Our Damiana edibles contain 70% Organic Mexican Cacao, which is cultivated in its native land and contains high amounts of flavanols. Proven to lighten depression, enhance mood and cognitive abilities, and to increase life expectancy, organic cacao such as ours serves as a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. 

Cacao has a long history of adoration and is seen in the ancient Aztec, Mayan and Zapotec codices, with remnants of chocolate being found in sacred temples throughout Mexico and dating back thousands of years. 

We sweeten our Damiana edibles and organic cacao with organic honey, one of nature’s best anti-inflammatories that also helps with allergies and in its organic and natural form, helps raise the frequency we vibrate on. By ingesting honey, you ingest nature at its most fertile. At its most diverse and alive. 

We continue to honor Mexico in our Damiana edibles by adding another integral Mesoamerican ingredient: Vanilla. Native to Mexico in the form of vanilla orchids, like chocolate and Damiana, it’s another of Mexico’s generous and healthful gifts to the world. Vanilla is a natural relaxant and aphrodisiac, here adding just a tinge of earthy sweetness to our edibles. 

We mix this goodness with organic almonds and cinnamon, creating the unique blend of our edibles, with just a hint of Damiana’s bitter tang, blended masterfully with these other healing elements. 

Damiana edibles and cacao

Damiana edibles offer an increasing absorption, even as you savor them, into the system to allow decompression, relaxing away tension and allowing you to move forward from a place of vitality and heart-centeredness. Enhancing mind-body-spirit connection, Damiana is precious and valuable in all forms (tincture, oils, mists and flower essences, leaf, etc.). She’s just the most delicious as mixed with our artisanal blend

Edibles offer long-lasting effects, making them an ideal dessert with your lover, opening the spiritual gateways to allow the divine sensuality between you to dance, intertwine and entangle. You can also experience these natural aphrodisiacs on your own, falling into deep appreciation with the sacredness of self, or with life and the natural world that surrounds you.  

A perfect treat to enjoy with your beloveds, to incorporate into sacred union and also just to enjoy before or after a long day, we know from experience that our Damiana edibles simply make things a bit brighter. Something we could all use right now.

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