Buy 1 Nectar -Botanical Pleasure Potion with Damiana and receive 1 Bedroom Bliss Mist FREE! Use discount code LOVEME at checkout.

Buy 1 Nectar -Botanical Pleasure Potion with Damiana and receive 1 Bedroom Bliss Mist FREE! Use discount code LOVEME at checkout.

Award you with a self-ceremony: Smokeable herbs that you can blend with Damiana

Self-Ceremony is the celebration of self-care as a daily ritual. Rituals are often catalysts for energetic shifts. They give you structure, build habits to help you move forward and create momentum that will carry you, even on the days when you feel you can’t carry yourself.

There’s something fascinating about the alchemy of herbs and smoke. For centuries, herbal smoking has been a thread deeply woven into the fabric of cultures around the world, a form of communion between plants, its medicine and our breath. The transformation of plants into smoke and ash when experienced through our body, resonates with us at an emotional and physical level.  Herbal blends and self-love go hand by hand, inviting all 5 elements into your ceremony. So let’s connect with your inner white witch and blend up our favorite concoctions together. We will explore what herbs you can blend with your Damiana leaf and what areas you are wanting to heal at your late night self-ceremony. 

  • You’re Heart 

A sensual blend of heart-opening herbs. These herbs pass down Gentle, loving and supportive plant allies, help the spiritual heart feel joy while assisting us in our connection with others and our own selves.

 = Organic Damiana 

= Raspberry leaf

= Hibiscus petals

= Linden leaves 

= Rose petals

  • You’re Detractor

Quitting your habit can be hard. This blend of herbs will hold your hand along the journey of quitting your addiction. Made with organic herbs with beneficial effects on the respiratory system and on emotional blocks held in the heart and lungs. We suggest you do this self-ceremony every day at first to ease yourself in this new light. 

= Organic Damiana 

= Mullein

= Marshmallow leaf

= Coltsfoot

= Yerba Santa

= Calendula flowers

  • You’re Movement 

Ease the nervous system and allow the wisdom of this blend to unfold before you. Both sedative and stimulating, these plant allies promote an aware connection to the subconscious mind, enhancing intuition and creativity, ideal for both intimate and social Self Ceremonies alike.

= Mullein

= Organic Damiana

= Egyptian Blue Lotus

= Wild Lettuce

= Mugwort

  • You’re Sleep 

This supportive blend promotes relaxation by lifting low spirits and calming restless minds. It helps with digestion and restful sleep, making it an ideal ally against stress and anxiety. Ideal for personal Self Ceremonies.

= Organic Damiana

= Mullein

= Skullcap

= Passionflower

= Lavender

  • You’re Self Love 

This blend allows you to open up to yourself and love ones around you. It will boost sexual potency and fertility while relaxing your thoughts and encouraging self-regard. To trust yourself and speak a language of warmth. Ideal for personal Self Ceremonies and that special someone to share with.

 = Organic Damiana

= Passionflower

= Hibiscus petals

= Lemon Balm 

Create your favorite blend and celebrate the most important person…YOU.

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